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today at class we was looking at ideal woman in the past and

i just


gemsona week was pretty wild 

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[sighs deeply]

*gets a baseball bat engraved with the word FEMINIST and hits her in the face with it* “ARE YOU A FEMINIST NOW?!”

"believe what I believe or I will violently assault you!"

Yeah, I wonder why she wants no part of your movement.  Silly girl.  Must be the Patriarchy and her white privilege to blame.







[sighs deeply]

not again

but is anyone really surprised?? her entire song praised the male gaze,she used the b word is anyone



I hate to say it, but men don’t make me heartbroken with their misogyny as much as women do.

That and she shames the hell out of slim women in that song and no, she doesn’t bring the “booty” back.

Instead of worrying about her using the ‘b’ word, it’s a hell of a lot worse that she fucking appropriates AAVE.

Also: Chubby women have every right to shit on thinness/thin girls.

Does intersectionalism mean nothing to you?

It’s called thin privilege. It’s real and it matters.

thin privilege:

When overweight americans think they are oppressed despite being the majority and that having a way of life that allows you to gain weight due to enjoying a lifestyle that requires no physical exercise and easy access an excess of food is a sign of great privilege in itself 





it makes me so angry when I hear anyone say they don’t need feminism??? shut up??? you do??? we all do???? 

Ahh, yes, the typical “shut up and realize that we need feminism because I think I need it” post. Stay classy, feminism.

Don’t need a hypocritical movement run bigots ,nope… #sorrynotsorry

Feminism: telling women to shut up and know their place 

http://plebcomics.tumblr.com/post/98224871459/sweetguts-reminder-plebcomics-is-a-racist-who »


reminder: plebcomics is a racist who thinks appropriation isnt real, creates fictional poc to back up her points while drowning out/mocking the opinions of actual poc and a victiming-blaming misogynist who thinks it is totally ok for grown men to sexualize and harass teenage girls…



People who know shit about autism and being autistic:


People who don’t know shit and need to stfu

-self entitled “~professionals~”
-random allistic internet users
-anyone who is in anyway connected to A$
-benedict cumerbatch
-basically anyone who’s not autistic.

I think professionals and doctors know a bit more about autism then self diagnosed teenagers who just took a few facebook quizzes 

cosmo tip #600



if he thinks rape jokes are funny go on a romantic boat ride with him and leave him in the middle of the fucking ocean to die

I don’t know what’s more of a fantasy: any of the people who reblogged this killing anyone or any of them being asked out on a date 

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i love how a bunch of people are like “if a girl did this no one would care!” because 1) yes people would 2) notice how girls have enough decency to not do things like this 3) you’re awful

"girls have enough decency to not do things like this!"

Oh! Sure!

So the following people…

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